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Critical Care Medicine is a special branch of medicine where the diagnosis and medication of challenging and life-threatening health conditions the specialists who are extensively knowledgeable in this branch are known as intensivists. Our Wellness hospital has a department of critical care and medicine. Our physicians are trained in diagnosing and treating critically injured patients at our especially contributed called Intensive Care Unit. Patients suffering from trauma, injuries, heart attack or failure, kidney problems, respiratory problems, accidents, surgeries, strokes, and several other emergency conditions. Covid-19 is not out of it, malfunctioning or dysfunctioning of organs and various other diseases will be specially treated by providing extensive care and medication under observation or supervision of specially trained nursing staff or professionals taking care and monitoring the patient's signs all along the hours of the patient's presence. The medical care given for the affected people or sick people along with specialized treatments will be the same for children, adults, and senior citizens. 24-hour care is a crucial part and so critical hence constant checking and focused care should be on patients, or else there are high chances of getting adverse effects.

Why Choose Us

Wellness Hospitals are equipped with various advanced equipment at our critical care unit which involves tubers, feeding tubes, dialysis machines, Catheters, flexible beds, medical support, oxygen cylinders, monitors, intravenous tubes, Ventilators, windpipes, endoscopy tubes, breathing tunes, nutrition support and much more advanced modern technology-based infrastructure to ease the treatment and to help patients recover faster and safer. Wellness hospital is one of the best critical care hospitals in Hyderabad. Our best possible services of critical care meet patients' needs under any emergency conditions. We have abundant professional doctors and skilled staff support for our patients. We offer quality health care services that make us stand out from others. Major risks will be handled by our Wellness critical care specialists all round the clock with invasive monitoring, safety precautionary, and preventive measures throughout the patient admission into the intensive care unit to discharge period. Our department includes technicians, professional doctors, nurses, support staff, cleaning staff, knowledgeable team to put insights into patients and their problems to relieve them from acute ill conditions as soon as possible. We ensure the best medication with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to provide effective treatment and the best critical care services in Hyderabad.


Emergency conditions or situations of a patient or post-surgery care, or critical care will be provided before admitting patients to intensive care unit (ICU), soon after joining the patients get our doctor's appointment diagnosis, tests are done, then if the reports seem that patient needs to be in observation, they will be joined as directed by doctor's advice or else if patient’s condition seem difficult immediately they are moved to ICU, there they will be getting treated.

Diagnosis usually involves tests like blood tests, urine tests, MRI scans, x-ray, CT scans, and other such prescriptive tests and procedures take place.


Treatment for critical care includes various major risks such as Organ failure, Multiple organs injury, Complicated respiratory failures, Severely infected parts, and other such severe conditions. However, there are several other etiquette and protocols involved in critical care treatment.

A wide spectrum of surgeries, treatments will be developed collaboratively by our intensivists and other specialists. To make sure there are no pitfalls in the complex treatments Wellness tries to reduce patients' hospital stay by addressing the root cause and starts treatment as quickly as possible, considering the vulnerability of patients' condition. Quality treatment by taking necessary precautions, maintaining a hygienic environment, cleaning rooms, frequently sanitizing beds and accessories. Safe and quick disposal of injections, splints, and other medical kits. To save lives along with experts' treatment, care, and medication, a critical care unit must-haves are central venous catheter, Defibrillator, CPAP & BPAP systems, Suction machines, Infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, and much more.

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