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The science of Nutrition is the art of inculcating the right food into our bodies to maintain a sustainable healthy life. Our versatile Wellness professionals help clear your airs related to diet and improve your food preferences and particulars. Nutrition is a building block of a healthy lifestyle, wholesome foods that heal health problems and support the wellbeing of everyone includes personalized dietary advice with food and supplements. To lead a quality life take note of our experts who talk about the  Nutrition and Dietitian specialists that surround a patient-centric approach to deal with beyond nutrition basics. Our Wellness experts provide general nutrition information of daily meals, nutrient-dense foods, and also particular picks of snacks. Also, all these suggestions will be based on the medical history of the patient, diagnosis of diseases. For nutrition and clinical dietetics consult the best nutritionists and dieticians of Wellness Hospitals, Hyderabad

Why Choose Us

We at wellness hospitals, minds about the potent impact of a healthy food diet and nutrition supplements on any individual. As our experts contribute their superior expertise in addressing the nutritional value to the individuals attentively, making Wellness hospitals the best department of nutrition and dieticians in Hyderabad. We serve an excellent service in this field to our patients to evolve from undernutrition conditions to leading a quality life.

Services of Wellness Nutrition & Dietetics are:

Inpatient and outpatient services, where our dieticians perform comprehensive approaches with the assessments to specific identification and requirements

Nutrition suggestion: Our best Clinical nutrition and trained specialists suggest patients or individuals get a clear picture of what to intake especially to patients who underwent unhealthy conditions. Nutrition according to specific health concerns such as oncology nutrition, pediatric nutrition, wellness nutrition, cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss, wellness, dialysis, gastrointestinal disorders, and much more

Wellness helps patients recover faster with a healthy diet and also with some therapeutic care from its best-in-class services. Also educates and provides counseling to the community such as adults, senior citizens, children, and women

Clinical Nutrition:

The clinical nutrition specialty of Wellness Hospitals operates both for outpatient and inpatient facilities, management of health care services related to patient’s medical problems. Also, the facilities include a comprehensive multi-specialty approach from our experts to conditions like obesity, bulimia, malnutrition, eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, and other nutritionally related problems. Wellness incorporates nutrition programs where our dieticians, specialists, nurses, consultants, and physical therapists provide whole guidance over the entire program which includes a diet care plan and nutrition care.

Clinical Dietetics:

Wellness Hospitals Clinical dieticians help outpatient nutrition care with clean and appropriate counseling who needs ultimate care. Our Physicians and assistants' expertise helps hospitalized patients to get rid of the unhealthy conditions caused due to improper nutrition. Patients with several health problems such as diabetes. Cardiovascular diseases, hypertensive disorders, renal conditions, lipid disorders, gastroenterological conditions, and transplantation. Special care for pediatrics, enteral, prenatal, and postnatal nutrition conditions is also available at Wellness hospitals.

For a beyond nutritional care for yourself, Wellness Hospitals is the one-stop destination which comprises of world-class health care experts, well-versed and trained nutritionists and dieticians who serve the best for individual quality of life and wellbeing with a tailored diet plan for outpatient and inpatient, nutrition advice, recipes, micro, and macronutrients intake and everything. Our qualified nutritionists educate every patient and provide training and information. Wellness hospitals aim at imparting the vision that excels patients' overall health by acknowledging them with the right food diet plan to achieve good health. With changing world, we need to upgrade ourselves with food and nutrition to help ourselves protected from outside ailments to boost immunity power, strengthen body defensive system with the right kind of food preferences under the guidance of our experts


Nutrition diagnosis is a primary element for a dietician, first, a patient needs to go through curated assessments, or PES statement, that involves a problem, etiology, and symptom, this is a nutrition diagnosis to confirm the problem persisted in the patient, thereby it is a process which reveals the nutritionist to start their care process.

Elaborating PES statement:

  • Problem: Where in this stage the patient/individual behavior or physical changes or checking out the nutritional status of the patient
  • Etiology: Etiology reveals the factors responsible for causing or developed the unhealthy condition
  • Symptoms: Which reveal the result in terms of diseases, or ailments that the patient is subjected to, due to lack of nutrition


After the curated steps of diagnosis, the nutritionist commences an extensive care process. Wellness conducts various phases to treat nutritional deficiency and thereby aim to resolve the issues or ailments caused by it.

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